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(Chair1069) Wing backed chair $950.00


Gentleman's Mahogany parlor chair

(chair1202) Price: $350.00



(Chair 2032)Black/Gilded Frame

Price $1,200.00






Our furniture is upholstered in the time tested traditional manner used during the heyday of furniture making during the 18th and early 19th centuries. We use coiled springs tied in a fashion that insures comfort and durability. The springs are padded with traditional materials such as horse hair, moss, straw and cotton batting. This is then covered with muslin before the decorative upholstery material is added. The underside of the chair is covered with cambric. This type of construction and materials should last through normal use for 80 to 100 years. The decorative material can be changed a number of times before the internal parts have to be replaced. 
Driscoll's Home Page
phone (504) 866-7795
e-mail :driscoll@driscollantiques.com

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