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Sample of hand caning

There are basically 2 kinds of caning.
HAND WOVEN (On the left)
PRE-WOVEN (On the right)
Shown without the cane for easy recognition 

cane_2.jpg 30.4 K 

Hand woven caning is done using long strands of cane woven through the holes shown above one at a time. It takes a number of hours to complete an average job. Our charge for hand weaving cane is presently $1.35 a hole. The charge is calculated by counting the holes around the perimeter of the work area. 
Prewoven caning is done by using cane woven by a machine and held in place in a grove by a reed spline. Depending on the dimensions, we charge  $80.00 per panel. 


 Weaving is accomplished the same as rushing except the pattern is different and the material is the inner bark of the tree.


Rushed Chair RUSHING 

     Rushing is done by interweaving the twisted leaves of a cattail plant.  This is a long arduous procedure and the leaves are not locally available.   The finished product is usually sealed with shellac . 

Depending on the dimensions, we charge $125.00 per panel.

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