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Pictured is a two piece corner cabinet made of Cherry. It was under water for many days in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  We were able to use all but the original lower door panels for the restoration. It took approximately 3 months to complete the restoration.

This is a Mahogany Chest of Drawers with brass hardware.  It was swept out of the bottom floor of a two story house on the Mississippi Gulf Coast during Hurricane Katrina and landed two blocks inland in a pile of storm debris and furniture from two of the surrounding neighbors.  The owners spent days going through the the area collecting bits and pieces of what they recognized was their furniture.  Everything on the restoration is original.
  This is a desk top writing accessory box..  The original veneer was crotch walnut with ebonized trim and brass embellishments. This was found in a plastic box along side of a trash pile after Hurricane Katrina and brought to me by a friend who buys props for the movie industry. I had done repairs on movie props for him in the past and he thought of me when he saw the piece relegated to the trash.  It took me over a year to complete the restoration.  It is now being displayed in our home.
Pictured is a Mahogany china cabinet that was under water for weeks in Mid-city New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  I  hesitated restoring this piece for over 2 years.  It was barely standing because of a very weak base.  I was afraid the curved glass in the sides would not survive a move. It finally made it to the shop when I could no longer say no.  It survived the restoration and turn out spectacular.
Here are pictures of what is called  a ribbon chest due to the veneer technique. The piece was only under water up to the bottom draw but due to extreme heat and high humidity immediately after Hurricane Katrina all of the veneer needed to be re-glued.  The veneer is made of Cuban Mahogany from a forest that doesn't exist any longer.  It was difficult to find veneer to match the missing pieces.  The owner swept up all of the loose pieces and put them in a box.  It was like working a large puzzle trying to match the pieces.  This project took over a year to complete.