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by Sherry Kohlert

      The value of Antiques is best determined by a qualified antique appraiser. We are proud to be associated with one of the few Antique Appraisers in our area, Sherry Kohlert, ISA. Appointments can be made through our store at 8118 Oak Street in New Orleans, La., 70118 or by phone (504)866-7795
      Sherry has over 12 years experience in art and antique galleries as well as a formal education in fine art and art history. She specializes in appreciable residential contents, including 18th, 19th, and 20th century silver, furniture, ceramics, glass, paintings, drawing, prints, jewelry, sculpture, ivory, and Oriental.
;     Appraisals are important for the purpose of estate taxation, divorce settlements, charitable donation, insurance and resale. If you are visiting New Orleans or just passing through and you have an item that is easily transportable and would like it appraised please call ahead for an appointment 

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